Hotel Activity Booking System - Excursion Reservation

HotelReq Activity Booking System allows staff to login to our web platform and book an excursion or experience within seconds. Guests having to walk to Front Desk is history. Any staff with a login to HotelReq can instantly do a reservation for Dolphin Watching, Island Hopping, Sight Seeing and more. HotelReq is not only optimized for mobile devices but also works swiftly without having to keep guest waiting for processing of data.


  • Normal excursions such as Snorkeling Trip or Sandbank Escape.
  • Special dinner reservation with food order and beverage order.
  • Restaurant reservation with/without table number.
  • Spa reservation with time-slot and treatment room number.
  • Confirmation voucher automatically generated as image for easy sharing.

7 day schedule

The 7-day schedule allows the staff to quickly identify activities planned for different days of the week. Each activity is identifyable with a distinctive colour code.


Food menu integrated

Our system allows to configure a set-menu for food orders. Each item on the menu comes with doneness options, for example for steaks the staff is required to select whether it has to be cooked 'medium-rare' or 'well done'. These doneness options can be different to different menu items. Doneness or cooking method kept as required, makes the staff less vulnerable for mistakes.

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