Guest Request Management Software Via Telegram

HotelReq guest request management system is connected to Telegram to generate maximum efficiency. But, how exactly does it the hotel benefit from this system? What if HotelReq has its own mobile app that staff could install and instant messages get delivered that way? These are 2 common methods currently practiced in hotel software solutions, let’s take a deep look into this.

Some hotel softwares seem to offer connection to several instant messing apps such as Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram. Among these 3 softwares Whatsapp is the most popular as it holds over 2 billion users worldwide. Telegram has 700 million users while Viber takes the third spot among the three.


Despite having large userbase Whatsapp offers limited connectivity to other platforms. Telegram and Viber are easy to connect to third party web platforms and gives greater flexibility. Viber connectivity comes at a cost while Telegram is free. This makes Telegram the best choice to connect to web platforms. Telegram is also regarded as stronger in security. Hence, the guest request platform of HotelReq is connected to Telegram.

You may wonder if HotelReq would allow connectivity to all the messaging apps and let the users decide their preference. There are some hotel softwares that offer connectivity to multiple messaging platforms. But, practically it gives more drawbacks than advantages. For example, had the HotelReq offered connectivity to Whatsapp, Telegram and Viber there would be users using multiple platforms. This leads to confusion and time wasting as other users struggle to check logs related to different guest requests or tasks. You will have to check all the 3 apps. Hence, it takes 2 times more time than just using 1 messaging app. On the otherhand, apps also do updates and it could affect inter-platform connectivity. If its just one, it is quickly addressable.

General purpose messaging apps like Telegram have very few bugs if any, it’s reliable and fast. Developing a custom app is unnecessary in this case. There are messaging apps dedicated for hotels. These apps usually buggy and crash every once in a while. App getting crashed while your are in middle of some task is frustrating and time wasting. HotelReq believes that taking advantage of stable messaging apps such as Telegram is a better solution.

Telegram is a business valued at $30 billion and the software is highly rich in features. To custom develop an alternative app with similar features, with similar quality, would be considerably expensive. Therefore, it is easily understandable that dedicated hotel app would have more drawbacks than strong third-party solutions.

HotelReq guest request system has its core hosted on the web. Users can login and create a new request, allocate time duration for fulfilment and select relevant departments. Upon creation of a new request it gets instantly delivered to Telegram Group of the particular departments selected. The web platform allows users to change status of each guest request until it gets completed. The status updates are automatically delivered to Telegram Groups. Requests that get delayed beyond the stipulated duration gets escalated to Telegram group of higher authority such as HOD. Further delays cause it to get the attention of General Manager, all via Telegram. Therefore, this system enables HOD and GM to attend immediately and rectify any pending tasks before guest becomes unhappy or even angry. Hotel managers do not want unhappy guests to leave the resort or island (in destinations like Maldives) and they want to do service recovery under which guest receives satisfaction. Time is crucial for Service Recovery and HotelReq does just that by shooting the delayed guest requests direct to higher management.

Our hospitality solutions are built for the purpose, to achieve objects, not less, not more. Overcomplicated technology causes delays in service and costs man hours. Also, we have included strategies to leverage staff to produce the best performance. More details will be provided in another blog post.

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