Guest Request Management Software

HotelReq is an online platform to manage guest requests. From small hotel to large resort HotelReq software efficiently produces best result by incorporating a strategy that leverages human capital through our system. It's connected to Telegram to send instant messages direct to mobile devices.

About The System

Simple & Efficient via Telegram

Each guest request is tied to a time-frame for a given task. Status updates are recorded with the username and time, until the tasks is complete. This leads to quicker response to get started and timely completion.

Status updates are sent to Telegram Group of the relevant department. Some tasks involve multiple departments. No worries, we support notification to multiple departments or even all.

One user creates a request - another completes it. There's no intermediary such as coordinator. This ensures highest accountability in each staff.

Any imperfection or flaws in servce that may be discoverd later on, are traceable back to resposible staff member. This leads to higher consistency and quality of work.


Hotel Software Solutions To Elevate Service

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Guest Request Management Software

Online platform to manage guest requests of the hotel. It is connected to Telegram to produce best results.

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Activity Booking System

Web-based solution to manage booking of excursions, dinners, spa, reservation of table in restaurant etc.

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Excursion Booking

Use our Activity Booking System to do reservation of excursions such as Dolphin Watching, Island Hopping.

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Dinner Booking

Activity Booking System comes with a special feature that allows taking food order with beverage order conveniently by tapping the menu item.

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Spa Booking System

Activity Booking System is capable to handle spa bookings. It can be configured to have time-slots for spa reservation.

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Speedboat Ticketing

Activity Booking System can configure for speedboat transfers. It can instantly reserve seats and generate ticket in image format.

Guest Requests Software

How Does It Work?

The web platform is the core of HotelReq and it is integrated to Telegram for speedy and efficient management.


The Front Desk Agent receives a guest request and inputs it on HotelReq, assigns time-frame and selects relevant departments.


Tasks such as cleaning a room requires some time for the work to be done. Therefore the Room Attendant can update the status of request as 'in-progress' in order to let Front Desk Agent know that the work has been started. Otherwise it's on 'pending' status.


Upon completion of a task the staff member who fulfilled the request can login and update the status accordingly. This allows HotelReq to compute efficiency and other data that may be important for management decision making.


Requests that are not completed within the time-frame gets escalated to higher authority such as HOD via Telegram. Further delays result in escalation shooting to GM via Telegram.

Guest Request Management System

Frequently Asked Questions

HotelReq is ideal for hotel of any size or concept as long as guest service remains a high priority.

There are some Guest Request Management Systems that work with pre-defined time-frame for different tasks. The drawback is that it takes several minutes for user to find the required service from a list that usually contains over hundred different tasks. After selecting it may also require some additional information to be passed, for example room cleaning may be requested at a particular time. It makes the process too long and complicated. HotelReq is built to boost efficiency. We collect minimal data that achieve software's objectives.

It is important that users update the status as soon as a request is fulfilled. Updating status on mobile phone takes about 15 seconds. It is important to remind staff that HotelReq calculates time taken to fulfil each request and uses that information to compute employee performance. Resisting change is part of human nature, for both good and bad. Management can monitor in initial stage and adapt to change. There is no way staff can't spare 15 seconds a few times daily. Hotel could also implement reward and recognition system to best performing staff to motivate them.

Hotel Admin can assign users permission for different functions. We suggest to give access to only required funtions.

The hotel may have internal standards that state number of minutes for common tasks. So the team will work based on these standards. If we have a feature that allows more time it is likely that it would negatively affect standards. Fixed minutes encourage entire team to work and react in real time to resolve issues and get the job done.

We do not have a justification function in our system. It is employee's responsibility to talk to superiors and get issues resolved and fulfil the guest request in time. Not fulfilling a request and not having it informed to superiors in real-time suggests poor performance. Justifying unfulfilled guest requests at the end of the day, is a procedure we want to avoid completely, it would only help employees become less efficient.